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Why use "David" ovulation tests?
Trying to conceive can be such a frustrating, stressful time for a couple. Each month, there’s just a short window of time in which you can conceive – this can only happen when you ovulate. Ovulation prediction kits are an ideal way of figuring out when you're going to ovulate. They simply test your urine to see if there has been a surge in the level of luteinizing hormone (LH). Once this LH surge has been detected, you should release a fertile egg within 24-48 hours. Our "David" ovulation tests are a very affordable way of helping you to conceive!

You might have heard that ovulation happens around day 14 of your cycle. This is a myth! Different women ovulate at different times. OPKs help to pinpoint ovulation.

So, what exactly happens during your cycle?

During the first half of your cycle, your body produces FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). This hormone tells your body to start maturing eggs so that ovulation can take place. An egg is contained in a follicle within one of your ovaries - it matures there until ovulation occurs.

Essentially, the growing follicles produce oestrogen. Once the oestrogen reaches a certain level, your body triggers a release of LH (Luteinizing Hormone). This is also called an LH surge. The LH surge causes the follicle to rupture, releasing the mature egg - that is ovulation. Usually at the time of the LH surge, just one egg is big enough to burst through the follicle.

Ovulation is followed by the Luteal Phase (LP), which denotes the second part of your cycle. Fertilization occurs shortly after ovulation. Fertilization happens when sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tube.

The quality of the sperm and egg in any given month is an important factor in achieving fertilization and a pregnancy. Timing is vital because an unfertilized egg only lives for a short time. If fertilization does occur, the embryo will travel down the fallopian tube to the uterus, dividing all the while. An embryo, when it implants into the uterine lining, continues to develop and the placenta will begin to secrete HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). Around the day your period would be due, enough HCG should have built up in your urine to get a positive result when you take a home pregnancy test. Our tests are so sensitive that a positive result may even appear days before your expected period!

How do you use an OPK?

Here at the OvulationTests.ie Online Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit Store we provide "David" ovulation test strips and "David" midstream ovulation tests. They all essentially work the same way. With the test strip, you will need to collect a sample of urine in a container. The test takes just a few seconds to carry out, and a positive result will normally show up within a minute. The test features a control band and a result band. You compare the colour of the result band (if one shows up) with the colour of the control band. If the result is darker or the same colour as the control band, you are about to ovulate.

Our ovulation prediction tests are over 99% accurate, and what's more they're very easy to use in the comfort and privacy of your home. Every single one of our tests has basic instructions printed on the outer packaging and also comes enclosed with an instruction leaflet .

Once you place an order with OvulationTests.ie, we will ship on the same day or next working day.
So we won't keep you waiting long!

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