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How Does A Test Work?

A "David" pregnancy test is quick and easy to use. It looks for the hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in urine specimens. Shortly after an embryo implants in the lining of the uterus, the developing placenta starts to secrete HCG. This HCG builds up rapidly during the first few days of pregnancy.

Are Home Tests Accurate?

Yes. Home pregnancy tests offer around 99% accuracy when used correctly!

If you test too early, you may get a false negative – that is, the test says you're not pregnant, when in fact you are. This is because it takes time for the HCG levels to rise to a high enough level to be detected. If you get a negative result but still suspect that you are pregnant, wait and do a repeat test in a few days' time.

False positives can happen too, though these are less common. In this case, the test says you’re pregnant, when in reality you are not pregnant at all. This is generally the result of a chemical pregnancy – that is, where they embryo stopped growing and failed to implant properly. However, in most cases a positive pregnancy test is a pretty good indication that you are pregnant.

When should I test?

Usually, one of the first signs of pregnancy is a missed period. Other early pregnancy symptoms are sore or swollen breasts, dizziness, nausea, a metallic taste in your mouth, and a feeling that your period is about to start any minute. Some women will have some or all of these symptoms before they test, while other women will have none at all.
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