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OvaTel - Saliva OvulationTest - Price €28.99
OvaTel - Saliva OvulationTest - Price €28.99

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Ovatel reveals your 5 day fertile window so you can plan conception.

At last... An ovulation monitor that uses saliva, not urine. Ovatel reveals your 5 (five) day fertile period which increases your chances of conception by 80% over the urine test kit. Once you start to see that you've entered your fertile period it is recommended that couples have intercourse once every day for the entire five day fertile window. Healthy couples who do this will surely conceive.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Ovatel

  • Timing intercourse is everything when you’re trying to conceive.
  • OvaTel reveals your five day fertile period to improve your chances of conception.
  • OvaTel is 95% accurate when used properly.
  • OvaTel is reusable. Buy it once and reuse it every day.
  • OvaTel costs about half a 1 month supply of urine test strips.
  • Take the OvaTel test anywhere, anytime and it only takes a few seconds.

Using Ovatel increases your chances of conception by 80%

The following chart shows just how important it is to properly time itnercouse.
Waiting to have intercouse till the day of ovulation gives you only a 5% chance of conception.

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