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Ovulation & Pregnancy Midstream Combos
Ovulation & Pregnancy Midstream Combos

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This is our high-end test format. These tests are the same as the ones normally sold in pharmacies.

With a further discount on the quantity price, our combination packs offer even more value for money. And they're so handy: First you can pinpoint the time of ovulation, i.e. the time when you're most likely to conceive. Then, if you think you might be pregnant, simply use one of our home pregnancy tests to find out if you are!

Note: HappyBumps.com pregnancy tests are 99.9% accurate. And they are ultra-sensitive – designed to detect concentrations of hCG to as low a just 25mIU HCG/ml, they are among the very best on the market. All our tests cater to even the tightest budget. Why pay a fortune at the pharmacy for the usual branded tests (Clearblue, First Response, etc.)? Our tests are even more sensitive than pharmacy-bought leading brands, but at a fraction of the cost. Our tests are able to give a positive result several days before your period is due!

To use the ovulation or pregnancy midstream test, just dip the test in your urine and the result will appear within half a minute.

All our tests are approved by the FDA and CE and, therefore, meet the strictest quality standards.

Each test is packaged individually in its own sterile pouch. There are written instructions on every pouch. And you can rest assured that we will ship your order in plain, plain, discreet packaging.

Please select a quantity from the drop-down box on the left. (Note that the higher the order quantity, the lower the unit price). If none of our standard combo packs suits your needs, you can customize your own! Just e-mail us and we'll arrange it for you. Please note that the minimum order quantity for combo packs is 20 tests in total.

If you need any more information before ordering, again just e-mail us.

Please note: We accept payment by Laser, VISA and Mastercard using Realex Payment Gateway.

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